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Preserving your video memories.

Always handled with care:

Your video tapes are really your video memories. Here at Blosser's every VHS, VHS-C or mini VHS, 8mm and DV tape you bring to us will stay with us (we don't ship them out) to be made in to a DVD that will play your videos on your DVD player or a mp4 video file that will play on your computer and other devices like your phone and tablet.

VHS to Mini DV + BETA

Digitize and preserve every second of footage on VCR and camcorder tapes from beginning to end – and enjoy watching them on today’s technology


Our pricing for Video tape to DVD is only $15.00 per tape.

Video Tape to a MP4 video format is $30.00 for the first tape. Each additional tape is only $20.00

For Beta Tapes pricing please give us a call.

vhs tapes

Super 8, 8mm + 16mm

Old home movies are processed using a method that reduces the projector flicker, resulting in smooth, vibrant movies ready to watch on the big screen. All films are digitized at the highest appropriate definition for maximum clarity be­fore being saved to digital Mp4 file or DVD or Blu-ray Disc

50ft reel


Movie film pricing starts at 24 cents a foot. When you bring in your movie film we will figure out how many feet you and give you a quote.