Restore & Repair only $59.99

We can digitally restore damaged or faded photos to their original condition. We can fix scratches or tears, restore color, replace backgrounds, remove objects and people or even add them. You will recive a restored digital image for printing and sharing. Your original photo is returned to you with your completed order.


Photo Restoration

Removal of spots and scratches affecting the subject will be repaired. Also includes stains throughout the entire photo.  Tears in photo, photo damage and enhancement of colors.


We can revitalize black and white or discolored photographs. Bring your photo to us for an expert consultation. Some photos are subject to restoration or retouch work prior to coloring. 

Add or remove a person

Combine images to make one family photo, or remove unwanted guests from a group picture. Remove photo bombers or strangers in the background! 

Restoration 2

Change background 

Some photos are almost perfect, but ruined by distractions or clutter in the image. Just choose a background and we will replace the background of your photograph! 

change background-1