Archiving...What is it ?

Archiving is the process of preserving, organizing and protecting something precious. In our case, it applies to photography and video that have captured life’s most precious moments, memories, histories and genealogies.

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5 important reasons to archiving

1. No family battles. Once your photographs and memora-bilia are digitized, each and every family member can have his or her very own digital copy of the files. This is especially helpful in the case of a divorce or death in the family. If you prefer to have a printed copy, we can do that as well.

2. No more clutter. Box up the old albums, stacks of prints, slide carousels and movie tapes for good. Storing a digital version of your memories requires far less space in your home. (In fact, we can even help you store digital files in the cloud, which takes up no space at all!) It’s no surprise why Baby Boomers and downsizing seniors love it!

3. Pass it on. Many people choose to order multiple copies of their digitized images so all children, grandchildren and siblings have a set of their own.

4. Peace of mind. Aging photo albums, boxes of prints and home movies are at risk for deterioration, misplacement and destruction in their current state. Archiving also insures against loss due to water damage, fire and other environmental hazards.

5. Convenience. Avoid digging through closets and flipping through albums looking for a single photo. Because everything is stored in one place, archived images are easily searchable and can be quickly located using a thumbnail proof book.