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Blosser's Photo Design Center

Print Scans

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Any shape. Any size

Prints, artwork and documents are professionally scanned and converted to a quality JPG file.

Scanning Services:

Prints to cd Graphic

Our basic scanning service.

Prints that are not mounted or in albums or frames. Loose and no larger than 8 x 12.

  • 1st print scanĀ  $10.00 (includes scan and CD disk)
  • Additional prints scanned in same order .49 cents each
Box of photos

Shoe box bulk Scanning Service

Shoe box scans are for bulk scanning of 500 prints or more. We carefully scan your prints your prints and save them to a CD or a thumb drive for archiving, viewing and sharing.

Requirements for the bulk scanning service

  • Only loose prints, stacked or bagged together
  • Similar sized prints keep together
  • Photo's can't be torn or damaged
  • No tape or stickiness
  • Have anything rough on them
  • Photos will Not be scanned in any set order
  • Any photos over the first 500 will be priced a .29 each or you can start another bulk scan order for the bulk scanning price.
  • You can provide a new unopened thumb drive or we will charge you for the one we provide